September 13, 2010

Getting Funky with LIOCO

Recently had the opportunity to try two new wines from LIOCO. Lioco is a hip newish Cali winery that focuses on creating wine in the European tradition in that the wines speak of a place and a people. In their own words, the folks at Lioco strive to create wines that speak to the drinker and say "this wine came from this place only, and could not have come from anywhere else. This is a wine of origin."

The two wines I tried were both Chardonnays: the 2008 Demuth Vineyard and the 2009 Sonoma Coast.

I drank the the 2008 Chardonnay Demuth with Rowdy who brought a bottle over the night (along with some other goodies). The Demuth was really freaky when we opened it; showing lots of smoke, ash, and lime notes. Brisk acidity here that really drove home the rockiness (in a good way) of the wine. The acid presence made us think Sauvignon Blanc. The wine was also pretty wound up. I wouldn't be surprised to drink this in 5 years and find it still grooving. A helluva unique California Chardonnay.

The 2009 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast was a bit simpler, but as a blend, it should be. There was some cool minerality to the steely palate, but also some overt buttery sweetness that was slightly cloying. One of the cool things about the '09 Chardonnay is that it was bottled by ATL's own, DirtySouthWine, who has done some work with the folks at Lioco in his new life in Cali. I bought the 2009 Chardonnay for $18.00 at the Kroger in Ansley Mall. It's well-worth it's asking price.

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