September 20, 2010

Cru Boo Kills It In 2009

I will admit it, I was slow to warm to Cru Boo. Perhaps it was due to my being weaned on domestic wines, I somehow missed the wonder that is Cru Beaujolais until recently. However, now that I am firmly in the old school camp when it comes to wine, Cru Boo makes all kind of funky sense to me. I guess it was bound to happen when one heeds the sage advice of DirtySouthWine over the years.

In case you were wondering, 2009 is a bit of a homerun for Cru Beaujolais. 2009 was a hot year, with just a bit of rain in the summer that lead to optimal ripeness and concentrated, powerful wines. Remember, Cru Boo is not Beaujolais Nouveau, the often insipid-not-too serious-wine you find with funny labels in supermarkets. Cru Boo is serious juice.
 I recently tried the 2009 Daniel Bouland Morgon Delys that I found around town for $23 at Toco Giant in Druid Hills. This is seriously funky juice. The wine showed a deep red to purple color. It was really wound up initially, not giving off much of anything....With air, the nose gets gamey (ha ha), with tastes of iron and blood, too. Really dense and powerful palate presence; yet the wine is not heavy. There is a lot of material here, or at least that's the impression. The darkish fruit leaves a lasting impression on the palate. It's a powerful wine that tastes good now, but will be a real treat 5 years down the road. Buy a few bottles and forget them; you won't be sorry.


  1. great write-up dude. can't wait to dig into those '09s.

  2. Thanks Jimmy.
    One day, perhaps you and I will drink wine together again. Been a while!
    Cru Boo.

  3. Drank 2009 Daniel Bouland Morgon Delys tonight.

    Thanks for the Cru Boo tip.

    Decanted for 3 hours tonight and may save a sip for breakfast.

  4. Thanks for the visit and comment Kibbeh.
    Glad you liked it.
    I didn't decant my bottle and really should have. These '09 Cru Boos are great.
    I opened the '09 Macel Lapierre Morgon last night.
    It was also killer.

  5. Dang Dude! Thanks for the shout-out--CRU-BOO Gonna Git you!

  6. Thanks for the visit Dirty!
    Hope to see you one day soon and throw back some Cru Boo!