August 12, 2010

Burgers, Fries, 1970 Bordeaux and More

Continuing on with opening my 1970 Bordeaux, I recently opened the last couple of 1970s I was holding. Monday night, we had a fun burger party prepared by Rowdyfood, with killer McDonald's-styled french fries made by EatItAtlanta who used the method perfected by Kenji.
The fries were awesome, and a perfect compliment to Rowdy's house-ground, Riverview Farms grass-fed beef burgers.

Per usual, we opened a lot of wine, including a sublime 1990 Krug Brut for starters.
We moved on to several very nice white and red burgundies.

After much food and wine, we opened the two 1970 Bordeaux. Both bottles looked to be in pretty good shape, with intact labels and very top shoulder fills.
First up was the 1970 Chateau Leoville Barton which showed really rather green with strong vinegar and acid notes. The risk one takes with opening 40 year old wines is that it's not uncommon to find wines that are past their prime.

The 1970 Chateau Lanessan had a better showing. The Lanessan also started off rather green with jalapeno and dill notes, but with time, some reddish fruit showed on the palate that was also leathery and dank. Not a blockbuster, and it probably never was, but a fun showing for a 40 year old Lanessan.

Most importantly, it was another good time with some good dudes, including this guy ------------------------------------------------->>


  1. You left too early. "Beercan," aka EatItAtlanta, took your spot on lead guitar. Neighbors loved the late night jam.

    BTW. Beercan plays a mean "Whip It"

    Happy Birthday

  2. 90 Krug rocks the boat! It's a pleasure and privilege to drink any wine (well, almost any) that is 40 years old and been well looked after and eagerly anticipated for years. Thanks, good stuff.

  3. Sorry, I think, to have missed the midnight jam. Especially if Devo music was involved.

    I hear you on that one biskuit.