August 17, 2010

Big Green Egg Fun: Smoked Pork Butt

I had been wanting to get a Big Green Egg for some time. I recently had a big birthday (hint: see my posts on 1970 Bordeaux), and my wife was cool enough to surprise me with a BGE for my birthday.
This past weekend, I was able to spend some time cooking a 4lb boneless pork butt on the BGE.

I rubbed the butt with the mix that David Chang uses for his pork shoulder in his Pork Ramen dish in the Momofuku cookbook. It's pretty complicated rub using many exotic ingredients...I kid. Chang uses equal parts salt and sugar. I tossed in some cumin and cayenne just for giggles. I let the rubbed pork sit in the fridge for 12 hours before tossing it on the BGE.

I got the fire cranked up around 10:30 Sunday morning. After 15 minutes or so of finessing, I got the temp to stay around 225 degrees.
And the temp stayed there, almost exactly, for 7 hours. I checked in on it every 30 minutes or so (when I was home), and just slight adjustments to the top and lower vents kept the temp in the 220-240 zone all day. I set the pork butt for indirect heating by placing it on a rack above a cast iron skillet that caught all the goodness the pork butt left behind.
A picture of the butt at the two hour mark

A picture of the pork butt at the four hour mark.

The finished butt after 7 hours on the BGE (sorry crappy phone pic).
The pork was incredibly tasty. A nice crisp bark on the exterior and flavorful and succulent pork that just shredded with ease. I did think that pork ended up a bit salty, but every recipe of Chang's I've made has tasted a bit salty for me.

 I also finished some red potatoes in the pork fat that the butt left behind in the cast iron skillet.Yummy stuff.
What to drink with this goodness? A meaty and dark Syrah, the 2005 Arcadian Syrah Santa Ynez.
If ever a Cali Syrah was made for bbq, it would be one of Joe Davis' Arcadian Syrahs. The wine showed dark fruit and a meaty essences that echoed perfectly off the deep bbq pork. Delicious.


  1. Awesome work! Boy, that sure looks like a nice cast iron skillet! ;)

    Cooked cedar plan salmon indirect on a BGE on Sat night. Really, really tasty and easy.

    You BGE guys make me jealous!

  2. That cast-iron rocks it!
    Funny, but second dish I had lined up was a cedar plank salmon using some planks that I've had hanging around.
    Should be good.
    Smoke some good stuff for the unicorns soon.