August 2, 2010

1970 Leoville Poyferre Saint-Julien

Haven't posted much in the past week. Was enjoying time with the family down on Tybee Island. Had a good, albeit scorchingly hot time. To get the juices flowing again, I'm posting on a wine that I didn't get a chance to write about last week. You may see some notes on wines from 1970 popping up from me lately....I'll leave you to take a guess as to why...cheers!

Last week I had some of the usual suspects over for dinner and wine. After several Burgundies, I pulled out an old Bordeaux to check to see if it was still alive. 1970 was a decent vintage in Bordeaux, though most wines showed their best stuff years ago.

The 1970 Chateau Leoville Poyferre (Medoc-Saint-Julien) was a nice end to the evening. The wine opened with a nose of green olive and strong notes of dill. It became dark and leathery with air. Their was a strong tobacco scent, too, with a still powerful presence to the palate. Probably better years ago, but really quite nice. Much better than Robert Parker's score of 65 points in 1983!

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