June 9, 2010

Quick Take: Lunch at Lunacy Black Market

Hooked up with Eat It Atlanta for a quick lunch at Lunacy Black Market earlier in the week. It was, in fact, lunacy trying to get there on Monday as much of Spring Street was closed due to an ongoing film shoot. I saw creepy-looking guys bearing large rifles on horseback (maybe this is everyday on Spring St.?)...perhaps it was the ongoing filming of The Walking Dead, which is currently shooting around town.

Lunacy Black is an interesting little place. It's homey inside with its couches and coffee tables and global-inspired artwork; yet, it also feels somewhat like an underground coffee house where one would gather to discuss revolution or other subversive activities (which Eat It Atlanta and I did discuss...sort of).
The menu at Lunacy features mostly small bites and plates with all most menu items priced under $3.00. I started with the very tasty purple and green cabbage salad with walnuts and gorgonzola.This little salad rocked; a great mix of textures and flavors with a the little hint of mint adding a nice lift...I've actually been thinking about this salad since lunch on Monday and am ready to go back for another taste.

I also tried a couple of slider-sized sandwiches. The mushroom with crushed tomato sauce was good, but unremarkable. It actually tasted like a mushroom pizza one would find in a box in the freezer. The other slider I tried was Asian pork and spinach, which was quite delicious with tender pork and a ginger and sesame sauce.

After the sliders, chef Paul kindly offered us an order of tasty dry-fry green beans in a sesame and soy sauce. This was another simple, yet satisfying and tasty dish.
Despite our numerous tastes and bites (2 salads, and 4 sliders total), the lunch fill for the two of us was just over $13, which is a deal by ATL lunch standards these days. It wasn't a lot of food, but it was tasty and satisfying and I left without feeling like I needed a nap. I look forward to another meal at Lunacy Black Market in the near future.

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