May 17, 2010

Dinner at Bocado

I have previously written about a couple of very tasty lunches at Bocado on Atlanta's west side. I had visited several times, a couple of times with some wine enthusiasts including Eat It Atlanta. This Friday, I finally made it across town to Bocado for dinner. Once again, I left extremely satisfied. Great food, great atmosphere, an incredibly reasonably priced menu, and only $7 corkage! If I lived on the west side, Bocado would be my spot.

We began with some nice small plates including the brand new-to-the-menu-that-night-fried okra with pickled peppers, radishes, and sweet onion and buttermilk dressing. This dish was great, but we all agreed we could have used more of the buttermilk dressing.

We also tried the tasty deviled eggs topped with pickled onions and prosciutto. Wonderfully creamy eggness with salty prosciutto and a nice kick of acidity from the pickled onions. These were so good we got a second order. Almost a third, but we refrained and moved on...

Also tasty, though lacking some real punch, was the fresh local been salad with beets, fennel, lemon, chili d'arbol and olive oil.
The table also shared the Tuna BLT and a couple of Bocado's really tasty burgers and herb-garlic fries. 
A vegetarian offering was also quite tasty and perfectly seasonal. 
Creamy GA grits with russian kale, asparagus, radishes, chevre, and a romesco sauce.

It really was a terrific Friday night dinner. I like what they are doing at Bocado and will be back soon. The $7 corkage fee is a wine lover's dream. We brought in a couple of wines: a 2007 Windy Oaks Chardonnay and 2003 Joseph Swan Pinot Noir Saralee's Vineyard. Both wines showed quite well, though clearly Californian in style.

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  1. this has enticed me to make another dinner visit, but...when's the next wino lunch?

  2. Good question...when is the next lunch? -Brandon

  3. I'm ready for lunch. It's been a while...and I'm riding high on a Bocado buzz right now...maybe next week?