May 10, 2010

Burgundy: Wines From The "Coat Door"

Had some of the usual suspects over the other night to continue or ongoing exploration of Burgundy. EatItAtlanta was here, as were Rowdyfood, and The Legend (The Legend requires no link; he's just The Legend). I cooked up some of the Caw Caw Creek pork that EatItAtlanta picked up in South Carolina, you can see his post on Caw Caw Creek here

We also drank some Burgs. The wines were mostly good, none were great, but it was still a fun night of drinking, eating, and learning...Some thoughts on the wines:
2006 Blain Gagnard Chassage Montrachet Morgeot-Nice enough.Oily. Full mouth feel. Spring fruits. Slight heat on the finish. Decent value.

2001 Jean Noel Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets-Tough and young initially. Good core of white fruits. Peachy...Slightly hard on the finish. Could use more time possibly, but a nice wine.

1997 Drouhin Laroze Clos Des Beze-Beautiful pinot nose. Downhill from there. Slightly austere, but nice weight that gives way to somewhat green and hard finish. Not great and not going anywhere good imo.

2002 Domaine Tortochot Mazy-Chambertin--Red fruit, but a lot of structure and thin in the middle. Came on a bit as the night wore on, but still not sure about this one. A young 2002 Grand Cru that may just need more time.

2005 Faiveley Nuits Saint George Les Porets-Holy crapping hell young. We knew it, but it was for the sake of research. 3 hour decant and wrapped tight to the end of hell. Allen Meadows from Burghound says drink this beginning in 2015...he aint kidding. Core of dark cherry fruit that will be nice one day...when my kids graduate from college...  


  1. Incredible wines or no, the analysis is fun to me, as is the company. Thanks for hosting a great evening.

  2. Well said. Was a good time.
    Again soon.

  3. Sounds like a great evening.

    How was the pork and how did it go with the wines?

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  5. Hey Andrea.
    Sounds great.
    What is your email address?
    You can email me at