April 19, 2010

Summer Drinking: 2008 Navarro Vineyards Rose

Y'all know I love the wines from Navarro Vineyards. In today's modern landscape of often overpriced, over-hyped, over-manipulated wines, Navarro is a contradiction. They continually crank-out interesting, natural wines that speak of a place and a variety. They also do so efficiently, offering many wines in the $15-$20 price range. Thing is, you won't find them everywhere, but it's worth getting on their mailing list and getting in on some of these wines. They often run specials like one cent shipping on 6-pack or case buys.

A friend, who is responsible for my knowing of Navarro, brought the 2008 Rose over with some other wines Saturday night for sliders out on the deck. From a mix of Grenache and 70 year old Carignan vines the wine shows clean strawberry and cherry fruit with a nice peppery finish. Clean and crisp palate with a touch of sweet oak on the finish. A very fine Rose that is just perfect for spring and summer cookouts. Get some.


  1. I bet Carignan adds some great, (dare I say it) "white zinfandel-y" flavors to that rose. I don't mean that in a bad way. See a lot of Grenache-based rose (love Tavel), but haven't seen Carignan in the mix.

  2. Ha-ha. My buddy who brought the wine said, at one point in the evening, "I don't want to bring up the subject of white zin, but..."

  3. I knew it! Hey, white zin improved many a date in college...