April 12, 2010

The Mean Greenies: 2004 Henri Perrot Minot Chambolle Musigny La Combe D' Orveaux

2004 was a rather difficult vintage in Burgundy. There was a cool July, that led to mildew on the vines, as well as late thunderstorms and hail in August. In addition to those challenges, numerous 2004s have shown signs of unpleasant, green, medicinal flavors in bottle. The causes of the "mean greenies" has been debated, as to whether or not the condition exists at all. For one example of the ongoing debate on the "mean greenies" among Burgheads, see this recent thread at Mark Squire's Bulletin Board via Robert Parker's website, with opinions and tasting notes from acclaimed winemakers and Burgundy collectors.

I haven't had a ton of 2004 Burgundies, but the half dozen Premier Crus I've opened in the past year or so have been tasty, and free of the greens. Well, Saturday night, I finally caught some greenies.  This one, the 2004 Henri Perrot Minot Chambolle Musigny La Combe D'Orveaux, was green, overtly tart, medicinal, and slightly volatile. Despite a somewhat alluring nose, I really struggled to get through one glass. Too bad, but my first obviously not right '04.


  1. Loved this educational post.
    Teach us


  2. Another reason why I don't drink Burgundy...

  3. Kevin,
    Don't give up. When it's good, its sublime like no other. This '04 let me down, but I'm ready to get right back on the horse.