April 22, 2010

Further Down the Slippery Slope: All Roads (Slopes) Lead to Burgundy

Got together with a couple of good dudes last night for our ongoing Burgundy education and tasty food. The inimitable Rowdy was our host, and EatItAtlanta put stopped eating grits long enough to attend. A good time as usual.

Didn't really take notes, but scribbled some thoughts on a paper towel. Some real fine Premier and Grand Crus here. Thanks Rowdy.

1999 Clos des Lambrays-Some structure here. Weightless, but firm. Minerals and herbs. Dark cherry lurking. Lots of energy here. Quite nice, bordering on inspiring, but even brighter days ahead. A fine youngish Grand Cru from Lambrays in Morey St. Denis.

2002-Louis Jadot Couchereaux
-Underbrush and cherry nose. Candied red fruit palate. Rather soft on the palate. Herbal and slightly spiced. To pick, a whisp of heat on the finish. No biggie, but good drinking anyway.
2003 Louis Lequin Corton Charlemagne-Really my wine of the night and a nice surprise. Slow to show anything, but after about 15 min my glass just popped. Floral and lemony with sweet oak and herbal notes. Long finish that was touched with a slight bitter note that was just a bit of a detractor. I like this.

I'm no expert, but pretty damn sure the 2004 Meurgets Corton Charlemagne was premoxed. Bummer, but the only downside to another great night of wine, food, and revelry.


  1. Hye Dennis I opened the 2004 Meurgets Corton Charlemagne alond side the 2004 Tollot-Beaut Corton Charlemagne and it wasn't premoxed, but was pretty afflicted with the mean greenies...lots asparagus, celery, etc on the nose...a little less on the palate, but still there with lots of aeration...for that matter the Tollot-Beaut was too, but more of a real austere celery note.

  2. "All roads lead to Burgundy"

    Dennis, you are in big trouble; I hope you've won the lottery! :-)

  3. Peter,
    Just a matter of redirection of purchases! Fewer bottles, but more of a bang. At least, for me.
    Hope you are well.