March 22, 2010

Incredible Cassoulet & Legendary Chateauneuf du Pape

Got together with some of the usual suspects Friday night for another amazing night of wine and incredible food prepared by the Rowdy one. Friday night he made the most incredible Cassoulet for what is becoming Dr. Feelgood's annual Cassoulet Dinner.

We started with a few 2007 CdRs we tasted blind. The 2007 Clos du Caillou Les Quartz was the winner.

We then moved on to some real gems of Chateauneuf du Pape.

1990 Domaine du Pegau-In the zone. Beautiful wine. Wonderful aromatics. Minerality. Peppery red fruit. Sexy wine. Not showing its age. A treat. Wish I was sitting on a case. Great with the Cassoulet. Classic Pegau that still has some life ahead of it.

1994 Chateau Rayas-Another outrageous showing of this wine. Floral, feminine, and beguiling nose....lavender, raspberry, Provencal herbs. Intoxicating. Clean, spiced red fruit palate that just dances through the mouth and leaves a lingering perfumed finish. Beautiful weight. So delicate, yet so penetrating. It got all of our attention. On a table of heavy hitters, this wine stands out. Drinking on point. With the cassoulet it was pure joy.

1995 Henri Bonneau Reserve de Celestins-Henri Bonneau's wines are things of legend. There isn't much of it, and it's very hard to find. Bonneau makes some of the longest lived Chateauneuf du Pape using traditional methods with out modern intervention. (See the pic to the left of  Bonneau's cellar circa 2006). The 1995 is a youngster still, but so damn good. Dark, dank, brooding nose. Palate is loaded with blood, smoked meat, tobacco, dark fruit, earth. So incredibly loaded with funky-earthy minerality and deep dark fruit, that it feels like a meal in a glass. Yet, it's so well-integrated and glides effortlessly. An absolute powerhouse wine. A real treat.


  1. Sounds like an evening of pure bliss.

  2. It was Kevin. I was honored to be in attendance. Hard to go back to pull bottles from my cellar after the treats we had Friday night. Wow night, for sure. Cheers.

  3. Nice Lineup! I have a couple 1999 Bonneau Reserve des Celestins in my cellar, but I'm told they are mere infants.