March 16, 2010

2007 Wind Gap Chardonnay Sonoma County

Wind Gap wines is the new project by Pax Mahle, who formerly made wines under his namesake winery: Pax Wines. Wind Gap is Mahle's new project since his breaking ties with the ownership group that was at the helm at Pax.. Thanks to a local wine enthusiast, I was able to try this terrific Chardonnay over another great lunch at Bocado on Atlanta's west side.

The 2007 Chardonnay is tropical and full-bodied, yet it doesn't ever become to Californian. It lacks some cut to make it truly outstanding, but it is a fine Cali Chardonnay that would be great on the deck in summer with shellfish or grilled fare.


  1. Had a great time, glad to have been able to join you. I like your thoughts on the Wind Gap. No doubt it's a good wine, though it has a weird identity.

    The Savennieres was drinking nicely a few hours later. Love warm white wines in certain situations.

  2. Last time I talked to Dirty, he mentioned that Wind Gap were doing good things.

    I have to believe Pax must have dialed things down a bit to appeal to Dirty's palate. :-)

  3. Peter,
    That is indeed the case. Very dialed back compared to what I've had of the Pax stuff.
    The 2007 WG Castelli Knight Syrah is also a beauty.
    I could see dirty liking these.

  4. As always a fun time. I enjoyed this too. And I agree with Jimmy that the warmed up Savennieres tasted great a few hours later. But Wind Gap is something to watch, especially if you felt Pax wines was a bit too much.