March 8, 2010

Cassoulet and Burgundy

Had some of the usual suspects over for Thomas Kellers "easy" Cassoulet last week. Some nice bottles brought by all. No real notes but some thoughts from what I remember....It's all a little foggy as lunch earlier in the day at Bocado included several bottles...

Pics here courtesy of the jedi master of the camera, Rowdy, who also put together a video clip of the evening which can be found at Rowdyfood.

Some really nice Burgs with the food, but the star was a '97 Grand Cru from Dominique Laurent.

1997 Dominique Laurent Charmes Chambertin--The Legend brought the heat...Wine of the night, and day, for me, and I think we all agreed. Stemmy, and earthy, but so nicely touched with dark fruit and notes of vanilla under the slight hints of green. Still some energy on the back side, but damn fine with the food.

Good times with good friends, good food, and very nice wines.

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