February 5, 2010

Quick Take: 2002 Nicolas Potel Pommard 1er Epenots

I've been on a bit of a Nicolas Potel kick lately. See here. And here. Last night, I popped a Pommard with a little more age on it; the 2002 Epenots. Epenots is in the southeast corner of Pommard and the vineyard produces age-worthy wines that can be both rustic and impenetrable when young.
Overall, this is still rather austere and hard. It shows some signs of potential...bright, tart cherry fruit, wet forest floor, and tea nots. But it goes from slightly closed, to tight, to clamped down and back again. And still pretty aggressive on the backside. See you in another 3-5 years...


  1. I swear, I'm all thumbs when it comes to Burgundy. Barriers of entry. Dude, what would you suggest as a good value to get my foot in the door on these Pinots? I know the producer is so critical in Burgundy, and I know a few names, but any advice is welcome!

  2. Hey, Joe. Thanks again for stopping by. I hear you on Burgs; I'm still very much learning myself.
    I've had success with the following for my intro lessons:
    Nicolas Potel stuff from Savigny Les Beaune
    Domaine Pavelot also SLB
    Louis Jadot from anywhere
    Vincent Girardin

    Can find many of these at entry-level pricing (granted that still ain't cheap--at least in my world--it is Burgundy after all).
    Check out auction houses. Wine Commune and WineBid often have nice deals.

  3. Strength in numbers...maybe a crowd can go in on some of these and we'll all get to enjoy!

  4. I'd be happy to go in with others on a good bottle of Burgundy etc.