February 15, 2010

A Fine Red Burgundy: 2000 Francois Parent Pommard Rugiens & Dinner at Feast in Decatur

Dinner at Feast was great as usual. Feast seems to have carved out a nice niche for itself in the Decatur/East Atlanta dining scene. The place has a great vibe and consistently cranks out killer bistro fare with a southern foundation. Perhaps it was due to the Valentine's Day weekend, but the place was rocking as usual. Robust crowds seem to be the norm on weekend nights at Feast.

We started with the mushroom chips. They were tasty as usual; nice and crispy with a chunky blue cheese dipping sauce. There was a tasty new salad on the menu that featured spinach, Fuji apples, warm brie in phyllo, and candied pecans topped with a vanilla bean vinaigrette. It was a delicious starter salad. Vanilla was an interesting and refreshing taste here. For my entree I ordered the duck confit and breast over black-eyed peas with chorizo and sauteed spinach. The conift was nicely crisped and the breast was perfectly medium-rare. The duck dish matched well with the red Burg I brought along (duh!). Don't hesitate to hit Feast if you're up for a nice bistro-style meal in a comfy setting while out and about in Decatur.

The 2000 F. Parent Pommard Rugiens was in a nice mature space. Rugiens, one of the eminent premier cru vineyard in Pommard, often produces long-lived, structured wines. The Parent showed some soft red fruit and a hwole lot of sous bois on the nose. A nice bit of truffle-funk, too. It opened up over the course of a couple hours and really complemented the food. Nice for a 10 years old Rugiens.


  1. Love me some duck confit and duck breast. If you're ever in Savannah- you gotta check out a restaurant called Noble Fare and their "duck duck duck goose"

  2. Thanks for the tip Matt.
    We'll be in Savannah this summer on the way to Tybee...will keep this in mind.