December 3, 2009

Tasty China in Pictures! Kicking it Szechuan Style in ATL Burbs

Got together with a rather large group of Atlanta winos and foodies for another Szechuan feast at Tasty China in Marietta, GA. Tasty was put on many of our maps a couple of years ago by Dirty, who was with us in spirit Tuesday night. Tasty is an experience unto itself; it's worth seeking out if you are ever in the area. Several of the usual suspects were there, including Rowdy and Broderick.

The food was as ridiculous as always. Just defies description in a lot of ways. We ate and ate and ate. The fried pork belly is perhaps the star.
There was a crapload of wine bottles open, too. I can't begin to list or describe them all. Mostly off-dry whites work here with the crazy level of spiciness in the food.

Rowdy has a nice little video clip of the evening.

Dry Fry Spicy Eggplant

Bbq Duck with Chilies and Peanuts

    Fried Green Beans, Chili Oil, Garlic

                                                                    Spicy Cold Beef Tongue

Insanely Spicy Shin City Chicken

White Fish and Tofu In Chili Oil


  1. I wish I'd been able to make the event, looks like a blast.

    Besides, how can one resist fried pork belly?

    Sounds like this might be a good spot for a sharing the sparkling wealth event in 2010, especially for some sec or demi-sec.

  2. Hey, Kev. Next time.
    It would be a great setting for sparklers.
    It's actually the only way to go.
    Way too hot for reds or anything with too much oak.

  3. Nice writeup, and thanks for capturing the moment. It was indeed rockin.