November 24, 2009

Having a Ball at PRIMAL ATL

I joked that I wasn't going to blog about this event having read Atlanta Wine Guy's brilliant recap of the events. However, I do have a few observations from the evening.

For Full Disclosure I will say that I was fortunate to be invited as a guest to this event which saved me the $100 VIP admission fee.

Primal is the brain child of Brady Lowe, and it was a celebration of wood-fire cooked meats, the Art of Butchery, and the importance of sustainable food production. Primal had already made a stop in Napa before landing in Atlanta on Nov. 21. The event was held at the very cool Sweetwater Brewing Company.

The Oregon Wine Experience was also part of the festivities.There were a number of top Oregon producing pouring including: Soter, Elk Cove, and Daedalus.

My favorite wine of the night came from Ann Amie. The 2006 Ann Amie Pinot Noir Winemaker's Selection was beautifully fragrant, with a restrained palate featuring truffles and dark fruit. Definitely in an old world vein. Great little wine. Helped that Suburban Wino was pouring at Ann Amie and gave us some real generous pours!

When attending an event like Primal, one hopes to encounter some interesting foods. I think bull testicles qualifies as interesting. The folks from Joe's Bacon were serving up bacon lollipops and bull balls. The bacon lollipops were killer, and the bull's balls, well...they were balling.

Atlanta Wine Guy, Surbuban Wino, and I stepped up for the bullish challenge. Here is a pic of the action from Suburban Wino.

Bulls Testicles & Bacon Lollipops.  
Pic courtesy of Atlanta Wine Guy.

There was also some other tasty treats like the Lamb Tacos from The Livingston, and killer sliders from Grindhouse Burgers. And while the line was ridiculously long to get to the bacon, the awesome and sublime Benton's smoked bacon made the wait worthwhile.

All in all, it was a successful event. There were a couple of logisitcal mishaps that could have used a fix; like waiting 30 minutes in the "VIP" line just get in to the event, and the ridiculously long line to get some bacon. Still, a fun and educational evening for fans of carnivorous pursuits!

Below is a short movie of some pics from the event:


  1. What kills me is that I too got the hookup from a friend and got a free VIP ticket....AFTER I had already paid $100 for one!

    How were the bull's nuts? Didn't see those there....goat brains was a weird as I got...

  2. Ouch. Was nice to not have to pay the $100. That was a bit steep imo.

    The balls tasted like liver to be honest. Not bad, but I'm not running out for more. Missed the goat brains. Did have goat liver, that was pretty good.

  3. Nice recap. Wish I could've walked around more, but the crowd was thirsty. Fortunately, we ran out of wine pretty quickly (surely I'm to blame), so I had some time to wander. Lamb tacos sound delicious. Not enough lamb being consumed in the States!

  4. Thanks, Joe. Kevin's recap is really the ace, but I thought I'd throw some ideas out.
    Thanks for the healthy pours ;-)
    Good to meet ya in person.