November 16, 2009

2002 Arcadian Syrah Sleepy Hollow Vineyard

I love what Joe Davis of Arcadian does with Sleepy Hollow fruit. See my pevious posts on the 1997 and 2001 Sleepy Hollow Pinots. The Sleepy Hollow Vineyard, located in the Northern tip of the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation of Monterey County is a world-class vineyard. The grapes from this renowned vineyard yield wines with forward fruit flavors and superb aging potential.

Not sure I have any superlatives left for this little wine. Numerous bottles over the past few years have been in my sweet spot. Last night, perhaps the best showing, which is what I said about the last bottle I opened.

2002 Arcadian Syrah Sleepy Hollow Vineyard -Santa Lucia Highlands
One of the best showings after several bottles of that I thought were best showings. That funky-haunting earthiness I get from Joe's Sleepys, and some herbal notes on the nose. Expansive mouthfeel that is marked by pure dark red fruit, spice box, and a just a hint of roasted fruit sweetness. Nice acidity that still lingers and focuses the midpalate. Persistent finish with some residual sweet tannins and notes of coffee and peppery spice. Drinking so well. Widely available for under $25 on release. Bravo.

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  1. The vineyard is quite contemporary. I like the gloomy scene in the fall. In all, good tasting wine.