September 2, 2009

Wines of Argentina Tasting--Colome, Etchart, Michel Torino

I was fortunate to be invited to taste a few Argentinian wines as part of the Wines of Argentina tasting with TASTELIVE. Tastelive is an interesting new platform that brings winemakers and consumers together via the TasteLive social media platform that is fully integrated with Twitter. Some of the world's top wine bloggers, including 1Wine Dude, WannabeWino, and Jasonswineblog, also participated.
The Sep.2 tasting was the first in the Wines of Argentina series. It featured two wines from each of the following producers from the Salta region in northern Argentina: Etchart, Colome, and Michel Torino.

The table was set on a beautiful late summer eve-we finaly got to sit outside again!

We started out with the 2008 Bodegas Etchart Torrontes and the 2007 Bodegas Etchart Malbec. The Etchart Torrentes was the Torrontes to beat. Crisp and clean wiht lively acidity and understated grapefruit and pear notes. The Etchart Malbec was dark and tight. Needed some air to reveal its dark fruit and leather notes. Nice value at $15.

We then moved on to the 2008 Colome Torrontes and the 2008 Colome Malbec.
The Torrontes here was slightly flawed to me. There was some volatile chemical aspect to the palate. Wannabewino said it tasted like lemon pledge smells...I agree.
Beautiful, floral nose, but the palate was not what it should have been.

However, the 2008 Colome Malbec was the WOTN (wine of the night) for me. Deep, dark and brooding nose of olives, tar, black cherry. Palate was tight at first, it took some coaxing, but slowly revealed dark fruit, clove and tobacco notes. It was rich and tannic. Needs a big 'ol piece of beef. Also seems it could use a few years in the cellar...

We finished up, palate fatigue and all, with the 2008 Michel Torino Torrontes Don David, and the 2007 Michel Torrino Cabernet Sauvignon Don David.
Both of these wines showed well, if somewhat unremarkably. The Cabernet was quite nice, it tasted like a young Cab. Rich and nuanced, but slightly over-oaked for. May need a year or two for some of that oak to integrate.

All in all a great night. Much thanks to TasteLive and WinesofArgentina!


  1. Seemed like everyone was having fun with it! I felt like a person trying to poke his head into a conversation, but to no avail.

    How can I someday get in on this #ttl scam?? It's a great idea and I bet it's a blast.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Joe. Register @ Tastelive and watch for emails. It was a good time.

  3. Cool tasting.
    Man, lots of people are digging Colome.
    I might need to grab some bottles for the winter.

  4. Colomé is a great Malbec based blend. I think the Tannat, Cab Sauv and Syrah they blend in, combined with the extremely high elevation of the vineyards, make for a more balanced and less fruit bomb style of wine. Not that there is anything wrong with that style, as I'm a big fan, but Colomé is definitely more distinctive. I've been in lust with this stuff since the 2004 vintage and it has remained a constant winner since then.

  5. Hey Kevin. Thanks for the visit. I would agree totally with your assessment; it's dark and leathery. I'll take that over sappy-ripe fruit. Really opens nicely with air. A first for me, now on my radar. Cheers!