September 14, 2009

Three Wines This Weekend-1997 Arcadian Pinot, 2005 Copain Syrah, 2001 Ojai Syrah

Three wines this weekend that were each quite nice. Well, actually, one was profound, one was rich and boisterous, and one was in a nice mature groove. Let's start with the profound:
The 1997 Arcadian Pinot Noir Sleepy Hollow ($...good luck!) is a profound wine. At 12 years of age, it is drinking triumphantly. A hauting perfume on the nose, floral, smoky and spiced. The palate is mature, with focused cranberry and cirtus notes. The herb-tinged finish is penetrating and lasting. Joe Davis is a jedi-knight of Cali pinot, and he works wonder with Sleepy Hollow especially. Recall my note on the 2001 from this summer.
                  The 2005 Copain Syrah Eaglepoint Ranch ($35) was dark and brooding. A full-throttle Cali Syrah that reminded me a bit of the oozing Ausie Shriazes I once drank. This one isn't so sappy, there's a nice bit of acidity here, but still, it approaches a style I no longer chase. Good with the sloppy joe's and pommes anna.

Finally, the 2001 Ojai Syrah Bien Nacido was in a nice mature space. More red fruit than the Copain, more earth and mature spice as well. A nice Syrah that has performed well over the years. Still like the '99 best, but this was nice.


  1. I was out in Paso Robles>Slovang/Los Olivos labor day weekend and met with Joe Davis. It was quite an experience...what a wonderful guy and so knowledgeable. We tasted some of his libarary wines and needles to say I was blown away! I bought as many of his matture Chardonnay and Pinot as the wallet would allow. I know I got some '97 Monterey chard, '99, '01 Sleepy Hollow Chard, and 2000 Bein Nacido chard....can't wait to try one!

  2. Joe makes terrific wines Eric. I agree with you. One of the very top producers for me when it comes to Cali Pinot and Chard. The '99 and '01 Chards you have are probably kicking! Cheers