September 17, 2009

A Photo Montage-More Killer Food at Rowdy's

I've praised Rowdy's skills in the kitchen here before. Last night, I joined The Legend and Broderick at Chez Rowdy for some killer food and cheering-on of Atlanta's Eli Kirshtein and Kevin Gillespie in their quest to be Top Chef. Rowdy made his insane Spicy-Szechuan chicken (it made The Legend cry) and some kicking Dan Dan noodles. Very nice ribs flown in from KC. There was some wine, too.
A few photos.


  1. Hey Rowdy. I think you can comment now. Bring it on.

  2. Good times.

    Nice photo.

    My guanciale is now ready for eatin' whenever we schedule the next scrapbook party.

    Oxidized wines kill me (and my wallet).

    Bert Simon, the surprise WOTN.

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  4. mmm...pork...good.
    Yes, that Bert Simon was killler.
    I need some.