September 8, 2009

Uninspiring California Pinots This Weekend

Didn't drink too much wine this weekend. It was hot, again, and beer is the way to go when chilling at the Decatur Book Festival and concert Sunday night.

Did take some time Saturday afternoon to full around with
These litle buggers are so damn fine, full of hot and airy cheesy goodness right from the oven.
On Saturday, I also had an epic with my own creation for salmon cakes that just didn't want to come together (literally). I'll spare you the pics of that disaster.

Couple of California Pinots we opened this weekend just didn't wow me. I think my palate is moving toward more old world wines, my glory days of drinking boatloads of Cali pinot seem to be waning. I'm tiring of the overtly fruity-often alcohol-laden California stuff. As for what we drank:

2005 Breggo Family Pinot Noir Ferrington Vineyard ($35): Rather simple, low acidity and a boatload of dark, cola-tinged fruit. Rather lush, I don't love it, but I could see it being a hit at a party when ya' just want to get freaky.

2006 Inman Family Pinot Noir Olivet Grange ($40): Kathleen Inman cranks out serious wines from vineyards in the Russian River Valley. I've enjoyed Inman Family pinots in the past, and they do have a terrific reputation for producing some of Cali's finest pinot juice. This one just didn't move me, but I'm not writing it off, as its young, and I know what they can do at Inman. This bottle was just out of sorts Saturday night. Uncharacterisitcally candied and lacking the nice touch of acidity I usually find in Kathleen's wines. Just an off night perhaps.

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