August 3, 2009

RA Sushi Atlanta

Stopped by RA Sushi (1080 Peachtree St) for dinner on Sunday night.

RA Sushi
is not a traditional sushi house cranking out delicate sushi and sashimi. Think of RA Sushi as a sushi joint on steroids. It's a rather cavernous space, and its all Asian-modded-out with its red and black decor.

The service Sun night was impeccable, though it probably should have been as there was an army of waitstaff patrolling the place.

The Mango Martini was fresh and refreshing with tasty salted edamame.

After drinks and snacking on the edamame, we started with a few of RA's "special" rolls.

The Crispy Spicy Tuna was interesting. It was crispy, it was spicy, but I lost the tuna in all that was going on. The fried sesame balls were dense and felt over-fried, the fry flavor overpowering everything else and masking any sense of tuna-ness.

The Smoked Salmon Roll topped with mango slices tasted like a buttercream birthday cake with a smoked cream cheese frosting. RA does like cream cheese, it made its way into the lobster rolls as well. We also had their heralded Viva Las Vegas roll. It was tasty, perhaps more so than the salmon, but it too suffered from a smothering of cream cheese, tempura batter, spicy tuna, crab mix, lotus root, eel sauce, and spinach tempura flakes.
I didn't just make that up.

The highlight dish for us, Chili Ponzu Yellowtail, was, not coincidentally, the most traditional sushi dish we ordered. Thinly sliced yellowtail, jalapeno, cilantro, with cashews, chili ponzu and shredded daikon. The yellowtail was fresh and delicate and the spicy sauce played nicely with the crunch of daikon and cashew.

Overall, I think RA Sushi does several things well, the Yellowtail was delicious, and the Mango Lobster Rolls were a hit, too. The drinks and service were also on the spot.

When I return, I think I'll avoid the special rolls and stick with the sashimi and sushi.

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