August 20, 2009

2007 Cotes du Rhones-Killer Everyday Wines

As I said in a post back in June, 2007 was a great year for red wines in the southern Rhone valley. Even low-priced entry level CdRs are popping. I drank another 2007 Cotes du Rhone tonight, the Delas Freres Saint Espirit. It was actually one of the less interesting '07 CdRs I've had, but still worth it's $10 asking price.
Instead of just a note on the Freres, I've decided to do a recap post on the CdRs I've had this summer that are in market now.

2007 Domaine La Garrigue Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Romaine
Purple in the glass. Nose of smoked meat, forest. Black fruit that is laser-like on the palate, there is also white pepper and game notes. Chewy finish. Stunning $14-$15 bottle of wine. Was at Whole Foods Ponce for a while.

2007 Domaine Grand Bois Cotes du Rhone Cuvee Tres Bois

$15 on sale at Ansley Wine Merchants. Worth every penny. Delicious red fruit and peppery finish without a lot of oak.

2007 Delas Freres Cotes du Ventoux

I don't usually shop for wine at Whole Foods, their prices are usually pretty wack. But... every once in a while their sales offer some deals. This '07 Rhone blend from Freres is a nice buy at $11.99 at Whole Foods Ponce. Nice dark fruit and meaty essences. Drinking over the next few years.

2007 Domaine D-Andezon Cotes Du Rhone

D'Andezon is 90% Syrah and 10% Grenache from 60 year-old vines. Cherry and blackberry on the palate amidst scents of herbs, licorice and cocoa notes. For drinking over the next few years. Another stellar value for $10 at Tower on Piedmont.

2007 Delas Freres Cotes du Rhone Saint-Espirit
The Freres Espirit is one of the weaker of the '07s I've tried. I'm not convinced it doesn't just need a little time to round out. Slightly heavy on up-front fruit, but the mid-palate is rather hollow. There's also a bitter-saline note to the finish. For the price, it's not necessarily a bad buy for casual popping, but you can do much better in 2007. $10 at Greene's on Buford Hwy.


  1. Thanks for these, and especially for the $10 tip on the Andezon, which I've been buying for quite a while but at a slightly higher price. I went to Tower and picked up a case. I also recently noticed you reviewed a wine I have in my cellar on Cellartracker and added you as a favorite writer. I am EvanATL on there. You've got some nicely writeen reviews there, and it would be great to have an exchange of local ATL reviewers so we can give each other tips on where to find good wine at good prices here in town. I actually still buy a lot of my wine in FL, where my parents live, and bring it up here when it's convenient (generally more interesting selection, surprisingly, and usually much cheaper). Thanks for the nice reviews, in any case. I will have to venture to your side of town to try some of these restaurants, too. (I'm in Smyrna and love a bunch of places over here but am willing to try new spots, especially those with no corkage fee!)

  2. Hey Evan. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you are enjoying these wines too.
    Perhaps we can raise a glass together one day.

    Let me know what you think if you hit any of the restaurants over on this side of town. Cheers.