July 24, 2009

Rosebud Atlanta--Jerry Garcia Dinners August 5 & 6

Chef Ron Eyester, of Food 101 fame, opened Rosebud on July 6. Some very positive frist impressions here, but that should be no surprise. Ron rocks.
Apparently, he's a Deadhead, too.
On August 5th and 6th, Rosebud is hosting a two night run of Jerry Garcia memorial dinners. Hey now ATL-heads, come out and show Ron some love and celebrate the legacy of JG.

It's $49 per person which includes a 5 course tasting menu, live Dead music, and other fun stuff. You know the food will be great. I'll be there on the 5th celebrating my b-day, so come say hi.


  1. Now that is just plain awesome!!!

  2. Grapeful Dave-You need to check on the ATL office that week; I just know it. Come on. :-)

  3. Just read your comment at my blog--wine cask blog--and noticed you are from Decatur, Ga. Coincidentally, several life times ago, I graduated from Dekalb College then Georgia State while living in Decatur. Worked PT at Decatur Hospital as a nursing tech then Atlanta V.A. Medical Center as a Medical Technologist. The roads we travel eh? Thanks for your comment--your blog looks great. (PB) of the winecask blog

  4. Thanks for the visit, PB. Small world indeed.

  5. >>>On August 5th and 6th, Rosebud is hosting a two night run of Jerry Garcia memorial dinners.<<<

    A favor to ask: If you know the event organizers, please let them know that they can post this event free on LocalWineEvents.com, a worldwide calendar of food, wine, beer and spirits events.

    Yes, this was a plug. Hope that's OK. I live here in Atlanta.

    - Jim