July 6, 2009

Post July 4th Fun at Leon's Full Service Decatur

What to do the night after July 4th when one is on vacation for a week?
Round up some friends and throw down a few cold ones at Leon's Full Service was my choice.
It's an easy choice when there's so much to like about Leon's.
Six of us descended upon a crowded Leon's around 7PM Sunday night.

The first round of drinks included my Ayinger Brau Weisse
We also ordered a few Miller's Cucumber Coolers for the girls. The cocktails at Leon's are no joke, full of freshly squeezed fruit juices. I'm not a huge fan of cucumber juice, but this was a tasty summer cocktail.

We started with two orders of fries with garlic aioli, goat cheese fondue (yum!), madras curry katchup, and horseradish mayo. The goat cheese and horseradish sauces are killers.
Some bacon in a glass and peanut butter made it to the table as well There's not much else to say here; it's bacon in a glass, people. The peanut butter is just goofy, but I liked it again.

We ordered several other plates, but it was around this time that camera was acting up and the beer was flowing, so no more pics. I finally gave the shrimp gyro a shot, it was delicious with tender, sweet shrimp, onion, pickles and a cooling yogurt sauce. All the dishes on our table were kicking, with the exception of the mussels, which were just ok. Sauce here needed an ass-kicking to shake things up a bit.

All-in-all, Leon's more than delivered again.

An additional kudos to Leon's for taking care of their wines in several Eurocave-like wine refrigerators. It's nice to see a local restaurant go the extra mile and maintain their wines in optimal conditions. It's not often that bottles of red wine arrive at restaurant tables cool to the touch. Bravo, Leon's.

I can also recommend a fun post-Leon's activity: walk a couple blocks to The Chocolate Bar, sit outside and try a Tiramisu martini. It's time for bed after this one.

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