July 29, 2009

Dirty South Wine Celebration Dinner #1 @ Woodfire Grill

It's old news now that Atlanta's Hardy Wallace of DirtySouthWine was the winner of Murphy Goode's search for a social media-and-wine-genius. Hardy has mad skills as a wine taster and guru of social media. He is also a friend and I have enjoyed his company as a co-conspirator at various wine events over the past few years.

Last night, a mutual friend put together a celebration dinner for Hardy at Woodfire Grill. I was lucky enough to be invited. Rowdy was there, too.

Woodfire Grill has been at the forefront of Atlanta's local/slow food dining scene since Michael Tuohy put it on the map a few years back. Lately, it's buzzing anew with the work of Kevin Gillespie, who is one of the contestants of Bravo's Top Chef season 6. Hardy and Rowdy are no strangers to Kevin and the gang at Woodfire....to say we got treated well is an understatement.
The food at Woodfire is outrageous. Some highlights:

Salmon Tartare on Avocado Salad
The salmon was so fresh and delicate, it just melted in my mouth with the equally fresh avocado. Just heavenly.


What can I say here? Deconstructed BLT with crispy bacon, two red and yellow tomatoes, greens and garlic toast. Killer.

There was also a lot of wine, here are a few memorable bottles:

1996 Billecart-Salmon Grand Cuvee-Fantastic -Soft copper color. Nose is layered with strawberry, yeast, something akin to chicken stock. Racy, effervescent and stony palate. Long, drying finish. Kept improving. So good. Thanks Rowdy.

1998 Chateau Musar (Lebanon)--Interesting wine. Hardy decanted 5 hours or something like that. It needed it, and maybe more. Buttery, honeyed. Long finish. Improved in glass. Fun.

2006 Foillard Morgon Cote du Py-Pretty tight at first. Slowly gives way to a floral, earthy, back cherry fruit. Woudl like more time with this, we were cruising through wines at this point. Delish with the rib dish.

2003 Arcadian Pinot Noir Dierberg-Penetrating nose of asian spice, cranberry, stone. Palate is laser-like, bright red fruit, wild berry and a wallop of cranberry-laced acidity. Still young.

1990 S. Anderson Cabernet Richard Chambers-Not quite as impressive as the '89 we had at Rowdy's last winter, but pretty damn nice for a 20 year old. Slightly funky, old dank olive Cab nose. Soft dark fruit, cedar, olive notes. Fun for what it is. I'd drink again.

1992 LaJota Cabernet 11th Anniversary-This was really a treat and showign quite well. What I want in a 17 year old Cab. Young as hell too. Just kept unfolding in the glass and sang with my pork dish. Layers of black fruit, sweet spice....more time needed with this one too.

Thanks to Peter. And to the gang for another real good time.

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  1. Great evening. Thanks for the beverages.

    Gonna miss that Dirty fella.

    Love your blog title change to include "Food" and your tasting notes.

    Loved seeing BLT on Woodfire Grill's menu. Home run every time in the late summer.
    Breakfast for dinner should be implemented more often.
    Those truffles were jolly bits of love.
    Tabouli was a Lebanese dream.

  2. Rowdy,
    The Dirty one will be missed, but the wine and food will still flow. Thank you for the beverages, that Billecart was the knockout. Woodfire kicked ass. All the way.