July 1, 2009

Checking out Mercantile's $15 and Under Wines

Seeing as how I'm a morning regular at the San Fransisco Coffee on Dekalb Ave, Mercantile stares me in the face everyday. I tend to visit the shop occasionally; their Inman Park and Kirkwood sandwiches are pretty darn good.

This past month, Mercantile started carrying wine. You may have seen the sign out front proclaiming all wines under $15. I'm here to tell you, they aren't lying; all wines in the store are under $15. Problem is, they only have about five bottlings in stock right now. The guy that rang up my order didn't seem to know much more than...'uh, yeah, we have more wine coming.' Cool. Guess I'll check back next month.

I picked through their vast selection and picked a bottle to take for a spin. The 2008 Domaine de La Janasse D'Orange Rose. Check this out: It was under $15. $12.99 to be exact. It was a decent rose, but nothing too exciting. A bit two sweet up front and it lacked the acidic punch I like in a rose on hot day. Tad flabby for me.

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