July 19, 2009

5 Wines this Week...and Tasty Bites Too

So, I decided I would start posting round-ups of wines I drink over the course of each week or so. Some weeks it may be two bottles, some weeks ten. This week, there are five worth mentioning.
The 2007 Navarro Gewurz is a kicking bottle of wine. Ripe, tropical fruits, and a bracing, cleansing acidity that just zip across the palate. Delicious white wine for summer drinking. A steal at $12 direct from Navarro.

Got the 2005 Artadi Vinas de Gain Blanco on the clearance wall at Ansley Kroger for $8.00. It's a $30 bottle of wine. Not sure it's worth it's original asking price, but it's a nice melon-scented, lemony white that is ready for immediate drinking. 100% Viura. This was a perfect match with Jose Andres' Andalucian tomato soup
and this deconstructed chicken salad, which was the bomb.

Not much more to say.
A perfect summer salad for a small crowd.

The 2005 Arcadian Pinot Noir Dierberg was too young. Painfully so, but I know that going in. Opened in the name of science to see what was up; it is still wrapped up tight. Revisit in 2011. Or later. About $45 direct from Arcadian.
2004 Tardieu-Laurent Saint-Joseph Les Roches is a nice, old-world, 100% Syrah. 13.5% alcohol says the label. Old-worldish, slightly rustic nose of dark fruit, dusty red fruit. Leathery, with licorice flavors that wrap around plum fruit. Finishes with some pronounced tannins that really persist on the back end. Not sure it's the right wine on a hot, humid night, but it's a nice buy for a S-J syrah. Has some upside IMO. About $20 locally.

2003 Alesia Syrah Sonoma Coast is just my kind of wine; don't know what else to say. Dark and meaty, tarry, plummy palate. Lush. Nothern Rhone-ish, with expansive dark fruit and some lilting acidity hanging in. Nice Syrah. One left out of my six pack for drinking over the next year or so. $35 direct from Rhys/Alesia.

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