June 6, 2009

Zucca Pizza and 2006 Chateauneufs--Domaine de la Vielle Julienne and Caboche Elisabeth Chambellan

So, this update is arriving in bits and pieces...
...it was a long weekend

Opened two lovely 2006 Chateauneufs on Friday night to go along with some pizza from Zucca on the square (more on the pizza later). The wines were quite lovely, the Chambellan is a nice entry-level Chateauneuf, easy drinking now and walking a nice balance of juicy fruit and old-school charm. About $25.
The Vielle Julienne is a monster, full of black currant, licorice, and sweet spice-tinged dark fruit. It's built to last, though, and really needs some air to shine. The last glass from the bottle was tasting fine on night two.
It aint cheap. Around $50. If you're lucky :-)

Now, for the pizza. I keep trying to like Zucca. I'm still trying. The pizza Fri night was the Victory Pie. Sausage, mushrooms, fresh mozz, some other stuff. A $20 pie that was terribly uninteresting, like someone heated up a cheap grocery store frozen pizza. I only got through a piece and a half before giving up and sparing myself retribution from the carb police (that'd be my wife for those of you playing along at home).
I guess I'm back to Fellini's and the Mellow heads for now.

Some more notes on value-drinkers coming this week.


  1. I have a bottle of 2001 Vieille Julienne that I've been saving. The liquor store at Howell Mill and Collier was selling them marked down for under $30 a bottle. Glad to know it may be worth that!

  2. I wish I had known. I work right around the corner from that place.
    Didn;t think they'd be stocking Viellie Julienne!
    Good deal for you.