June 10, 2009

Time for Some Nice Summer Drinkers--$14 Well Spent

As the temp outside begins to skyrocket, it's time to roll out some nice summer drinkers. I've got a few white wines worth checking out that are available around town and won't break the bank. First up, a Pierre Sparr Riesling from the Alsace region of France. Alsatian Rieslings are usually quite dry, crisp wines. They tend to have slightly higher alcohol then German Rieslings, and the Alsatians tend to age well. The 2007 Pierre Sparr is really an entry-level bottling meant for drinking now. It is full of melon and apple on the palate. There is a crisp acidity that keeps things lively and focused. It's not a mind-blower, but a good wine to chill well and sip on the deck on a hot day. Matched well with my chicken quesadilla and would do well with seafood, bbq, and even slightly spicy food.

Available at Cook's Warehouse Decatur for $14. A decent buy.
More white wine recommendations coming...


  1. I just picked up a "Noble House" riesling for around the same price @ Krogers. It has a really nice peach/apricot overtone. Very enjoyable for a hot afternoon.

    I'm looking forward to checking out the Pierre Sparr if I can get over to Cook's Warehouse.

  2. Hey, Sami. Thanks for the tip.
    I need more summer drinkers with all the heat lately. Thanks for visiting here.