June 15, 2009

More French Laundry Cookbook Craziness

Been working my way through the voluminous tome that is The French Laundry cookbook.
This time, it was chef Keller's riffing on Mac and Cheese, which, for the record, is nothing like this crap.

Keller's mac and cheese features orzo in a creamy lobster broth with chives and mascarpone cheese dropped in. Top that with some lobster and a parmesan crisp...all is good.

The process:
Lobster stock rendered from lobster bodies, tomatoes, carrots, tarragon, h2o, and canola oil:

After the stock simmered for a couple hours, I strained it (twice...Keller is anal!). Once the stock was clean and pure I whipped in some heavy cream. This creamy lobster broth was like a little bit of heaven on a spoon:

The creamy broth reduced again. Then one cup was added to cooked orzo.
Into the orzo went a small handful of chives and 1/4 c of mascarpone cheese.
Holy cheesy-creamy goodness.
Topped with parmesan crisps that my daughter made.
Not the greatest pic--one should not drink a whole bottle of wine whilst cooking:

Drank a 2006 Bjornstad Chardonnay with the lobster. The Chard was perfect with the dish.
Lobster and phat Cali Chardonnay = Happiness.
Unfortunately, the Bjornstad will run you about $50 www.bjornstadcellars.com


  1. where are the pics? I don't see them on the post.

    You had me at mac n cheese

  2. That's what I get for trying to update my blog while also trying to...work.
    I hate it when work gets in the way.
    Pics are coming later.

  3. Looks like some healthy lobster with that orzo and cheese.
    Nice work. I need to do so more dishes from the French Laundry Cookbook.

  4. Thanks, Rowdy one. I am working to catch up to your mad skills in the kitchen. Need to get together soon!

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  6. an excellent Christmas present for all cheese lovers. Unique...cheese and poetry...daring