June 29, 2009

Killer Wine and Food at Rowdy's!

Several Atlanta winos gathered for another round of culinary adventures at Chez Rowdy.
The Rowdy one has mad skills. No joke, he’s off the chain in the kitchen. Last night was quite the feast paired with ABC whites and 2001/2002 Cali Cabs.

I’ll let those who were there out themselves here if they choose.
I will say Dirty was there.

A great night of wine. Really not a bad wine all night.
Some real stars including the Rudd Oakville, Colgin Cariad, and Keenan Reserve.

There was a ton of wine; I'll post some highlights.

White Flight I-With Rowdy’s Ungodly-Good Szechuan/Nashville Fried Chicken

1996 R. Lopez de Heredia Rioja Crianza Vina Gravonia—Honey up front, sweet initial attack gives way to dry lemon rind finish. Stony. Interesting wine. 12%alc

1996-Chateau D’Epire Savennieres-Deep yellow color. There’s a wisdom to this wine not found in the other whites in this flight. Sweet concentration up front gives way to some herbal notes. It’s slightly waxy in the end. It was good for me, others were more impressed.

2001 Fritz Haag Braunberger Juffer Riesling Auslese-Trocken—Probably the white WOTN for me. Killer nose that just throws fruit and stone all over the place. After 10 minutes petrol flows. Beautiful lift from the acidity on the palate. Honey and apple here. Persistent. Beautiful.

White Flight II- With Sweet Pea Flan and Vichyssoise

2007 Grey Stack Sauvignon Blanc Rosemary’s Block—Slightly feral nose initially, but it blows off quickly. Huge fruit here. Still. Just a knock your socks up your ass mouthful of fruit. Tropical. Fresh. Concentrated. Terrific. Thanks, Rowdy.

2008 Grey Stack Sauvignon Blanc Rosemary’s Block—Clove and floral notes to the nose. Shows more alcohol right now. The fruit is here, but it’s not carrying the alcohol as adeptly as the ’07. Grapefuity. Happy to have more and a standout Cali SB. Under $25 too!


1978 Ernest & Julio Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve Sonoma—I brought my last bottle of this along on a lark. I think we universally agreed it was in fine form for a 32yr old Cal Cab from a not-great vintage. Cloudy-red-fading to brown color. Port-like nose, gives way to a dusty red fruited palate marked by some leather. Gary noted the amazing hit of acidity still here. A fun ride.

Red Flight I— Wagyu Beef Cheek Ravioli With Shaved Black Truffles (WOW!)

2001 Pride- Hello. Now were are talking. Powerful Cab that is firing on all cylinders. Deep, rich mountain fruit. Berries just explode in the mouth. Long, dusty-mocha spiked finish. Flout-out killer with the beef cheeks. Still kicking and does not appear to be heading south anytime soon.

2001 Rudd Oakville-These wines were all pop and pour. That said, this monster had the most potential of the first flight and was probably the wine of the flight. It will seriously kill in a couple years. Tight and unforgiving initially, but with 20 minutes in the glass—magic. Leather, red fruit, bitter sweet chocolate. Long, chewy ass-kicking finish. Wow. Stunner. Thanks Peter.

Red Flight II-With assorted Cheeses

2002 Pine Ridge Stag’s Leap—Good showing for an under-the-radar producer, but perhaps a bit outclassed tonight. Minty-herbal nose, nice dark fruit and earth on the palate. A bit candied. A fine Cab that is ready for prime time.

2002 Robert Keenan Mernet Reserve—Perhaps the surprise of the night. Kicked the ass of all the Cabs except the Colgin. Just grooving. Mint, cedar, tobacco amidst really tasty berry fruit. Finish goes on. Really fine with the Burrough Cheddar. Wine of this flight for sure.

2001 Colgin Cariad—This came along after all the other Cabs. For good reason. It needed to be alone or we would have thought all the other Cabs sucked...Decanted two hours. My scribbled notes say things like otherworldly-outrageous-sexy. Deep and expansive palate-coater. Rich dark fruit, tobacco, cedar, blackberry, and mocha notes. Goes on and on and on. WOTN by a light year. Thank you Gary. A treat.

There were three desert wines, but I have no notes. An incredible lemon goat cheesecake, too.

Rowdy-you are an incredible chef and generous host. Thank you.


  1. Great notes Dennis!

    Thanks for bringing the 78.

    What a crazy night-- Rowdy delivers the kitchen like no other home kitchen.

  2. Good to see you Dirty one.
    Again soon, hopefully.
    Good times.

  3. Dude,

    Great notes, especially for the 07 Grey Stack.

    Agree, Riesling was killer.

    Thanks to everyone for the wine. Great folks.

    I don't think it is possible for a home cook to reach the level you have described but thanks for the comments anyway.

    Nice pics!