Why Do People Go To The Pharmacy?


Health is among the few things that man has not been able to preserve entirely. As much you might be able to take some precautions, time will come when you will suffer from an unexpected ailment. As such, people rely on drugs to improve their health and extend their stay on earth. Getting medicine might be the primary reason for going to the pharmacy, but here are other reasons.

Getting information


As much as pharmacies are considered to be drug dispensing facilities, you can always get credible information from the people there. As such, you can have general advice, ask about the side effects of using certain drugs, duration of using certain drugs and much more. As much as you might not be buying anything, most professionals in any pharmacy will be willing to share what they know with you.

Care of pregnant mothers

A woman is susceptible to all manner of complications when they are expectant. It is common to hear them complain about things like nausea, vomiting, and all sorts of complications. Ideally, most of these complications are usually not that serious for the pharmacist to ask for a prescription letter. From experience, most pharmacists can be able to help just by asking for the symptoms.

Body aches and physical injuries

Whenever you feel some pain, the first thing you will think about is to get some medicine to soothe this pain. As such, whenever you are experiencing some aches the best thing to do is to get to the nearest medical facility. Most pharmacies have medicated patches that are applied to sore areas for instant pain relief. It is after the pain persists when you are advised to seek medical advice.

Common colds

aSXAaScASThere is a high probability that you have gone to the pharmacy due to some common colds. Well, many people have and will continue doing this. These infections are often not that serious and affect almost everyone especially during the less pleasant seasons. Therefore, get to a pharmacy and be treated anytime you experience influenza and colds.

These are just some of the many reasons most people visit the pharmacy. Unlike brick and mortar establishments, you also have a convenient option of buying medicines. Buying them from an online apotheek. This is the new trend in the medical industry that has made buying medical drugs easy for everyone.

The Unsung Benefits Of Laser Clinics


It has often been said that beauty is skin deep. Not too many of us buy the meaning of these words. Instead, we work round the clock to come up with ways that can reveal our true beauty. Society has taught us to view an individual’s beauty from the outside. About this, modern revolutionary beauty techniques have been invented and discovered.

All this in the name of finding one’s true beauty. It has never occurred to some of us that we each carry a different level of uniqueness. We just happen to be in such a hurry that it passes us by. In the long run, we look in the mirror and see those same reflections we tried so hard to change.

Advantages of laser clinic

Laser clinics, for instance, laser hair removal South Melbourne, seek to accommodate all who seem to have issues with their physical appearance. Also, they come in handy to those who wish to enhance their beauty in different ways.

Services offered in a laser clinic

As you look around you for a genuine laser clinic, ensure that it’s the one that cares about your physical well-being. This has not been the case for most people, and they’ve ended up regretting big time. Here are the services that a credible laser clinic should be able to offer you;


As the name suggests, these are therapies that are carried out exclusively on the face. These include cleansing, moisturizing, toning and other relevant steps. These are meant to improve the appearance of your face and bring out that inner glow. Established clinics will not settle for anything less than the best services. They are out to deliver quality and leave you looking good and feeling satisfied.


If you are tired of shaving your arms and legs regularly, try waxing. This is a method that is meant to get rid of unwanted hair. It may be a painful process to some people, but professionals know how to make one feel relaxed.

General skincare therapies

The skin needs a special treat every once in a while. Apart from the usual bathing, drying, and oiling, it’s good to have it treated specially. The experts have an array of options to select from. For example, interested parties can opt for sauna treatment. This is the use of thermal inventions to treat and assess the fitness of the skin.

Peeling services

The term itself can give us a few hints. This means that both men and women are in for a special treat. This involves employing high-level technology methods to reveal the smoother side of the skin. This peels off the top layer of the skin that’s worn out.

Benefits of laser clinic services

Laser clinics have come along with unsung benefits which include;

1. Proper relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. You can relax and meditate as professionals take good care of you.

2. We come out better, fresh and rejuvenated. This is all thanks to the specialized kind of treatment we get.

Factors To Consider When Buying Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone is the dominant hormone in men that is produced naturally by the body. However, due to various factors that may lead to a drop in its production, the doctor may prescribe the supplements for you. Such factors include hormonal imbalance, delayed signs of puberty or low libido. The peak of production occurs when the men are around 18 to 24 years. However, the production levels may begin to decrease when they get to the age of 30. To reverse the effects of low production doctors and specialists may prescribe supplements that you can check at 5g Male review which are healthy and useful. This article shows some of the factors that should be considered when purchasing the supplements.

What To Look At Before Purchasing Testosterone Supplements

Mode Of Administration

Men should know that they can buy injections, creams, patches or gels, and creams. Not everyone is comfortable with injections. Therefore, those who are not can get the tablets and pills. The oral products are in fact the best, and they are recommended for beginners and the experienced bodybuilders.


The supplements come in a wide variety of brands. This is because there are many manufacturers of the supplements in the world and they will all market their brands as the best. Therefore, for you to ensure that you get an efficient brand that is safe, you have to check the description of the one you intend to buy and look at the testimonials online or ask about it from people that may have used it. That will help you to know if the product truly works and how efficient it is.

Side Effects

Before your purchase the testosterone supplements, it is imperative to understand that you may experience certain side effects after taking them. Some of the common side effects include headaches, acne, skin rash, prolonged erections, excessive hair growth, enlarged breasts, increased libido and baldness among others. If you are willing to take the chance you can do it because the effects are different on the individuals taking it. Ensure that you have talked to your doctor and they have advised you accordingly about the side effects.


The ideal supplement should be made from natural ingredients because they are the best. They have been found to work more efficiently as compared to the synthetic ones, and they are 100% safe. In addition to that, natural ones interact better with the body. Therefore, they will have fewer side effects on the body. If the side effects are there, they will be less severe compared to the synthetic supplements.

Top 5 health benefits of Kratom


Kratom is one of the botanical medicines that have gained popularity around the world. Research organizations, as well as individuals, have expressed its health benefits which have seen many countries legalize it. Many people who have bought Kratom have confessed how it has helped them overcome health issues where other medicines had failed. Its versatility in tackling health issues is what has seen it gain trust amongst many people. So, what are some of the health benefits that should make you think of buying Kratom today?


Healthy heart

gfhfhfghgfhgfhgfhHeart conditions are caused by high blood pressure, tension in the cardiovascular system and high inflammation in the blood arteries and vessels. The use of kratom helps fight this and therefore keeping your heart healthy. It contains chemical components that lower the blood pressure and inflammation as well as reduce tension in your cardiovascular system. Anyone with a heart condition can buy kratom to enjoy these benefits.

Energy level booster

Fatigue occurs due to a change in blood circulation level as well as oxygen supply in the body. It also happens when some metabolism processes that boost your energy levels are affected owing to heavy work. When taken, Kratom promotes and improves blood and oxygen circulation in your body thus raising your energy level. It also improves these metabolic processes in your body thus ensuring that your energy level is in check. Patients who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are highly advised to buy Kratom.

Pain reliever

Owing to its analgesic properties and morphine-like qualities, kratom is used to relieve extreme pain as well as numb pain receptors. It’s chemical components act quickly on the hormonal system, therefore, relieving pain few minutes after intake. In addition to this, Kratom is known for relieving chronic pains by raising the levels of dopamine and serotonin which are key chemicals in relieving chronic pain. If you’ve been suffering from chronic pain, this is a reason why you should consider buying Kratom.

Better sleeping habits

When the stimulating regions of the brain fail to shut down, lack of sleep is due to occur. If you manage to sleep, you will wake up feeling dull and tired. Kratom acts on the stimulating regions of the brain enabling them to shut and therefore helping you to sleep fast and enough. It also ensures that you wake up rested and fresh with not the slightest feeling of fatigue.

Improves the immune system

dgfdfgdgdgfdgfdgKratom contains alkaloids that are key in boosting the immune system. When taken, your body gains strength and can fight diseases and illnesses. The alkaloids are also known to increase and improve the recovery rate of your body. For anyone seeking to strengthen their immune system, kratom is a perfect natural option.

Promotes mental stability

Kratom promotes mental stability by relieving mood swings, stress, depression, and anxiety. It is an anxiolytic substance that acts on body hormones that are caused by chemical imbalance. These hormones cause mental instability but are regulated by the anxiolytic substance released by Kratom. It is recommended for people with PTSD and depressive disorders.

Effectiveness Of Proton Pump Inhibitors In Treatment of Reflux Disorders

PPI (Proton-pump inhibitors) are the class of drugs used for blocking the enzymes produced in the lining of the stomach. The acid produced by these enzymes are responsible fo various stomach, duodenal and esophageal ulcers. PPI thus, reduce the production of the stomach acids and helps in recovering from acid induced stomach ulcers. Though widely prescribed, PPI is considered a poor treatment for Silent reflux also known as Laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR.5678iyt6

Dosage administration and effectivity

PPI (Proton-pump inhibitors) & are recommended in the lowest possible dose for the patients, sufficient for achieving the desired beneficial results. The food and drug administration has prescribed that the maximum course of PPI should be at a max of three courses per year. With no longer than 14 days of treatment per course.

Serious Side Effects

Some of the side effects include rhabdomyolysis, osteoporosis, low levels of magnesium and iron

Above mentioned serious side effects are one of the reasons why PPI have been marked as a poor treatment for Silent reflux disease where the risks have outweighed the benefits and effectiveness.

What is silent reflux

456yutrtreIn a typical reflux disease like esophageal reflux or GERD the patient experience the drive up of the stomach acid in the throat, nasal passage and even the ear drums. The symptoms are often very pronounced and troublesome. While in the case of Silent reflux, as the name suggests, the patients hardly experience any symptoms or none. But still, the contents of the stomach acid gets up to the Throat and other related areas causing severe damage. The symptoms start to show up when a considerable damage has already occurred.

The primary reason is that PPI reduces the amount of acid being produced, but the reflux itself still happens. PPI although regarded as a beneficial treatment for other reflux disorders like GERD but proven to be little to no use for silent reflux. Classifying them as a poor silent reflux treatment. The researchers have discovered that Stomach acid has only a minor role in the development of Silent reflux disorder and PPI has only proven to be as beneficial as a simple placebo effect. PPI’s never reduced the amount of pepsin in the reflux, and it is always capable of causing the damage as in the case of silent reflux.

How To Keep Your Family Healthy With Dehumidifiers


Healthy living comes first in a family. Everything that promotes it becomes dear to the family members. If you live in a moist environment, the family risks contracting one of the numerous diseases caused by moisture, cold air, and others. Molds will never leave your home and will sooner or later poison any of the occupants. However, there is hope through the use of a dehumidifier. They keep the air dry at all times as long as they are on and thus protect the family from health challenges. You can click here for information about the best dehumidifiers to use at home.

How to keep your family health with dehumidifiers

Types of dehumidifiers

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgThere are two types of dehumidifiers people still use in their homes. Let’s look at how each works;

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers – they are popular nowadays due to their reliable results at all times. They use advanced technology as used to the earlier versions of refrigerant dehumidifiers. Experts also say that these devices work better even in the cold regions believed to have more water trapped in the air.
  • Refrigerant dehumidifiers – before the advanced options came, every family would own this device for its dehumidification purposes. It uses coils made of a material that attracts moisture and traps it. As much as they are not popular nowadays, they are energy efficient and still helpful to some homes that still use them.

What dehumidifiers prevent

The primary purpose of any dehumidifier is to protect people from various health effects caused by damp air. Some of the problems they keep off include the following;

  • Mold and mildew growth – apart from causing damage to your house, furniture and clothes, mold and mildew produce toxins which cause a health risk to human beings.
  • Respiratory challenges – people with asthma and other respiratory problems can have a hard time living in a damp house.
  • Keeps off pathogens and mites – humidity and warmth cause a conducive environment for the growth of disease and allergy causing pathogens, mites, and parasites.

How to buy a dehumidifier

fdgdgdfgdfgdfgdfgIf you are still wondering whether or not you need a dehumidifier in your home, then the above points will tell you how urgently you need one. When buying, it is good to consider doing some research on which one is the best in brand, functionality, durability and most important working on the maintenance.

Additionally, make sure that you buy a dehumidifier that provides good value for money as it will give a service that the family deserves.

Understanding The Kratom Plant And Its Strains



While you have probably heard about it, you are probably not familiar with the Kratom plant and its characteristics. Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant. It is a leafy tree, which reaches almost 17 feet in height and is typically found throughout the tropical rainforests of South and Southeast Asia. There, the indigenous people have been using this plant for centuries, as a potent remedy for all kinds of ailments.

Not a drug

22vkdsnkjWhile producing certain effects that are similar to those produced by some illegal drugs, Kratom is not classified as a drug or illegal. It is a fairly gentle herb which is commonly used as a sedative, a stimulant, or a mood booster. As opposed to, say, caffeine, Kratom produces much smoother stimulating sensations. Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a relative of the coffee plant. Also, while smaller doses lead to increased energy levels, larger doses typically result in sedation.

It can be consumed in a variety of forms

In most cases, Kratom is consumed as a hot tea, a capsule, or in its leaf form. Even though making Kratom tea is fairly simple, many people opt to consume capsules because they do not have the same bitter taste the tea has and because they are more convenient. When starting with Kratom, new users usually take no more than 2 grams. However, the dosages mainly depend on the person, their weight, and level of tolerance. Therefore, if a person is heavier and with a higher level of tolerance, they can easily consume between 10 and 15 grams without any adverse effects.

If you plan on consuming Kratom, you should start with the lowest possible dosage and slowly work your way up until you hit your desired threshold. Even though high dosages will not cause you any severe harm, they will make you feel nauseated or overly sedated.

The strains

Given that there are some Kratom strains choosing the right one may be tricky. To help you with your choice, we will go through some of the most popular ones.

The Bali

The effects this strain produces are both energizing and relaxing. Higher doses will make you feel more relaxed, while lower doses will work as an energy booster. Since you are new to Kratom, the effects will not last for more than 5 hours. Those with more experience have sensations that usually last around 3 hours.

Red Vein Bali

The red bali kratom is known to be highly balanced when it comes to its alkaloid content. It is also known for its peculiar taste and somewhat more sedating effects. As a result, this strain is typically used for pain relief, as well as an aid for detoxification and addiction removal

Green Vein Bali

33bcjvbdhThis strain is largely present in Sumatra and Borneo and is famous for its high alkaloid level. Just like its red relative, the Green Bali also features a well-balanced level of alkaloids, which allow for both stimulating and relaxing sensations, along with notable euphoria waves. Therefore, if you are looking for the right mix of sedation and energy, the Green Bali should be your top pick.

The Malaysian Strain

This is a fairly long-lasting strain, which has become one of the most popular ones on the market, due to its smooth effects and pleasant taste. For the beginners, the effects of the Malaysian will usually last around 8 hours and will produce euphoric sensations.

Foods Rich In Collagen

Collagen is a special protein which is mainly found in the animal’s connective tissues. This protein consists of amino acids which include hydroxyproline, glycine, arginine and so on, all of which are beneficial for your skin health. The following are some of the foods which are rich in collagen. These foods should be included in your diet to give your skin a natural look.

Soy products

You should include soy products in your diet. These products include soy milk and cheese. Soy products are helpful in preventing wrinkles and form lines on your skin. They contain an important hormone known as genistein which boosts the production of collagen. This is useful in making your skin more elastic and stronger.

Vegetables and fruits

Consumption of red fruits such as apples, oranges, cherries, and strawberries can improve the production of collagen. Red vegetable such as beets and red peppers are helpful in fighting ageing. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with essential antioxidants which improve collagen production.


Cabbage is one of the right diets for your skin health. This vegetable is rich in collagen. The antioxidants and phytonutrients found in cabbage are useful in boosting dehydration and elasticity of the skin,
Furthermore, cabbages are rich in fiber, vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium, all of which help in strengthening your bones as well as reducing blood pressure.


Carrots are loaded with vitamins which help the body in producing more collagen. Additionally, carrots are helpful in controlling the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This vegetable is also beneficial in thickening and stimulating the dermis, and this improves the circulation of blood in your body.


Eating beans is one way of maintaining the healthiness of your skin. Beans are rich in hyaluronic acid which helps the skin to remain young. This acid is useful in keeping water longer. Keeping your skin hydrated is one way or getting rid of wrinkles and form lines from your skin. Beans can be eaten in any form.

Flaxseeds and walnuts

Flaxseeds and walnuts are loaded with omega three fats. These fatty acids are helpful in preventing heart diseases as well as improving the growth, functionality, and healthiness of your brain. Additionally, these fats are used in preventing cellular DNA damage on the skin thereby preventing exposure of the skin cells to UV radiation.

Black and green olives

You should include black or green olives in your regular diet. These olives are rich in sulphur which boost the formation of collagen. Sulphur was widely used in traditional medicine as a treatment option for skin issues including dermatitis. Sulphur is used in fighting acne, oiliness of the skin and clogging of the skin’s pores.



Healthy Living Tips For Obese People

Good eating habits

You can strengthen or maintain your overall health by developing good eating habits. Improving one’s habit is another great way of managing the body weight. Your eating habits can be improving by keeping your food journal and determining what you need to change. A good food journal should contain all the drinks and foods consumed throughout the day. However, you will realize that most people have a tendency of overeating when they are coping with certain emotions or when they are depressed.

These habits can directly impact on your weight and overall health. Other than keeping your food journal, you should also observe the following

  • Make an effort of replacing your unhealthy habits with better ones
  • Identifying triggers which contribute to your bad eating and unhealthy habits
  • Identifying different things which can be done to avoid triggers

Making weight loss shake

Shakes are healthy and delicious tools which help your body in losing weight as well as improving the general health of the body. In general, these are nutritional power bombs which are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins needed by the body for it to function properly. Shakes will play a significant role in improving the metabolic reactions in the body and thus contribute to weight loss

Drinking water

Drinking water will make your body healthy. Water will greatly improve the functionality of the body and assist you in losing weight. Drinking water can boost your metabolism by nearly 30% over a period of 1.5 hours. This will, in turn, help you in burning more calories.

Eating on regular basis

Most of the obese or overweight people have a habit of skipping their meals. Most people will skip their meals hoping that they will shed the extra pounds and prevent weight gain. This is wrong! Your body will store fats at a faster rate regardless of the portion of the food taken even when you skip your meal. Again, your body requires different minerals for it to remain healthy.

Eating more fiber

Foods rich in fiber are important for weight loss and your health. Fiber is helpful in improving the digestion process as well as stabilizing the movements of bowels. Improving digestion is one way of losing weight and improving your health.

Eat vegetables and fruits

Instead of consuming unhealthy foods such as French fries, pizzas, and burgers, you should consume a diet which contains more vegetables and fruits. These foods are rich in essential minerals, vitamins and other nutrients which are crucial for the general health of your body. Plus, they are rich in antioxidants which help in inhibiting the free radicals and thus protect your body from the effects of oxidative damage.


Decatur Wine and Food Dude

Post July 4th Fun at Leon’s Full Service Decatur
What to do the night after July 4th when one is on vacation for a week?
Round up some friends and throw down a few cold ones at Leon’s Full Service was my choice.
It’s an easy choice when there’s so much to like about Leon’s.
Six of us descended upon a crowded Leon’s around 7PM Sunday night.

The first round of drinks included my Ayinger Brau Weisse
We also ordered a few Miller’s Cucumber Coolers for the girls. The cocktails at Leon’s are no joke, full of freshly squeezed fruit juices. I’m not a huge fan of cucumber juice, but this was a tasty summer cocktail.

We started with two orders of fries with garlic aioli, goat cheese fondue (yum!), madras curry katchup, and horseradish mayo. The goat cheese and horseradish sauces are killers.
Some bacon in a glass and peanut butter made it to the table as well There’s not much else to say here; it’s bacon in a glass, people. The peanut butter is just goofy, but I liked it again.

We ordered several other plates, but it was around this time that camera was acting up and the beer was flowing, so no more pics. I finally gave the shrimp gyro a shot, it was delicious with tender, sweet shrimp, onion, pickles and a cooling yogurt sauce. All the dishes on our table were kicking, with the exception of the mussels, which were just ok. Sauce here needed an ass-kicking to shake things up a bit.

All-in-all, Leon’s more than delivered again.

An additional kudos to Leon’s for taking care of their wines in several Eurocave-like wine refrigerators. It’s nice to see a local restaurant go the extra mile and maintain their wines in optimal conditions. It’s not often that bottles of red wine arrive at restaurant tables cool to the touch. Bravo, Leon’s.

I can also recommend a fun post-Leon’s activity: walk a couple blocks to The Chocolate Bar, sit outside and try a Tiramisu martini. It’s time for bed after this one.


Checking out Mercantile’s $15 and Under Wines

Seeing as how I’m a morning regular at the San Fransisco Coffee on Dekalb Ave, Mercantile steers me in the in face everyday. I tend to check them out occasionally; their Inman Park and Kirkwood sammies are pretty damn nice.

This past month, Mercantile started carrying wine. You may have seen the sign out front proclaiming all wines under $15. I’m here to tell you, they aren’t lying; all wines in the store are under $15. Problem is, they only have about five bottlings in stock right now.
The guy that rang up my order didn’t seem to know much more than…uh, yeah, they have more wine coming. Cool. Guess I’ll check back next month.

I picked through their vast selection and picked a bottle to take for a spin. The 2008 Domaine de La Janasse D’Orange Rose. Check this out: It was under $15. $12.99 to be exact. It was a decent rose, but nothing too exciting. A bit two sweet up front and it lacked the acidic punch I like in a rose on hot day. Tad flabby for me.

MONDAY, JUNE 29, 2009

Killer Wine and Food at Rowdy’s!
Several Atlanta winos gathered for another round of culinary adventures at Chez Rowdy.
The Rowdy one has mad skills. No joke, he’s off the chain in the kitchen. Last night was quite the feast paired with ABC whites and 2001/2002 Cali Cabs.

I’ll let those who were there out themselves here if they choose.
I will say Dirty was there.

A great night of wine. Really not a bad wine all night.
Some real stars including the Rudd Oakville, Colgin Cariad, and Keenan Reserve.
There was a ton of wine; I’ll post some highlights.

White Flight I-With Rowdy’s Ungodly-Good Szechuan/Nashville Fried Chicken

1996 R. Lopez de Heredia Rioja Crianza Vina Gravonia—Honey up front, sweet initial attack gives way to dry lemon rind finish. Stony. Interesting wine. 12%alc

1996-Chateau D’Epire Savennieres-Deep yellow color. There’s a wisdom to this wine not found in the other whites in this flight. Sweet concentration up front gives way to some herbal notes. It’s slightly waxy in the end. It was good for me, others were more impressed.

2001 Fritz Haag Braunberger Juffer Riesling Auslese-Trocken—Probably the white WOTN for me. Killer nose that just throws fruit and stone all over the place. After 10 minutes petrol flows. Beautiful lift from the acidity on the palate. Honey and apple here. Persistent. Beautiful.

White Flight II- With Sweet Pea Flan and Vichyssoise

2007 Grey Stack Sauvignon Blanc Rosemary’s Block—Slightly feral nose initially, but it blows off quickly. Huge fruit here. Still. Just a knock your socks up your ass mouthful of fruit. Tropical. Fresh. Concentrated. Terrific. Thanks, Rowdy.

2008 Grey Stack Sauvignon Blanc Rosemary’s Block—Clove and floral notes to the nose. Shows more alcohol right now. The fruit is here, but it’s not carrying the alcohol as adeptly as the ’07. Grapefuity. Happy to have more and a standout Cali SB. Under $25 too!


1978 Ernest & Julio Gallo Cabernet Sauvignon Private Reserve Sonoma—I brought my last bottle of this along on a lark. I think we universally agreed it was in fine form for a 32yr old Cal Cab from a not-great vintage. Cloudy-red-fading to brown color. Port-like nose, gives way to a dusty red fruited palate marked by some leather. Gary noted the amazing hit of acidity still here. A fun ride.

Red Flight I— Wagyu Beef Cheek Ravioli With Shaved Black Truffles (WOW!)

2001 Pride- Hello. Now were are talking. Powerful Cab that is firing on all cylinders. Deep, rich mountain fruit. Berries just explode in the mouth. Long, dusty-mocha spiked finish. Flout-out killer with the beef cheeks. Still kicking and does not appear to be heading south anytime soon.

2001 Rudd Oakville-These wines were all pop and pour. That said, this monster had the most potential of the first flight and was probably the wine of the flight. It will seriously kill in a couple years. Tight and unforgiving initially, but with 20 minutes in the glass—magic. Leather, red fruit, bitter sweet chocolate. Long, chewy ass-kicking finish. Wow. Stunner. Thanks Peter.

Red Flight II-With assorted Cheeses

2002 Pine Ridge Stag’s Leap—Good showing for an under-the-radar producer, but perhaps a bit outclassed tonight. Minty-herbal nose, nice dark fruit and earth on the palate. A bit candied. A fine Cab that is ready for prime time.

2002 Robert Keenan Mernet Reserve—Perhaps the surprise of the night. Kicked the ass of all the Cabs except the Colgin. Just grooving. Mint, cedar, tobacco amidst really tasty berry fruit. Finish goes on. Really fine with the Burrough Cheddar. Wine of this flight for sure.

2001 Colgin Cariad—This came along after all the other Cabs. For good reason. It needed to be alone or we would have thought all the other Cabs sucked…Decanted two hours. My scribbled notes say things like otherworldly-outrageous-sexy. Deep and expansive palate-coater. Rich dark fruit, tobacco, cedar, blackberry, and mocha notes. Goes on and on and on. WOTN by a light year. Thank you Gary. A treat.

There were three desert wines, but I have no notes. An incredible lemon goat cheesecake, too.

Rowdy-you are an incredible chef and generous host. Thank you.

FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 2009

Vote for Dirty! Vote for Dirty!
My good pal Hardy, (dirtysouthwine) has made the 1st cut and is now in the Top 50 (out of 2,000 apps) for the Murphy-Goode social media job that has become a national story.

The slate is now clean, and Hardy needs your vote again to make the cut to the top 10.
The top 10 will be announced July 7.

Vote for Dirty !!


Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Crappy Food Part Deux-Roast Chicken and Summer Wines
Went back to our friends (who won’t be named lest you’ll be looking them up to cook for you) in 30307 last weekend for more tasty bites and wine.

The menu this weekend include beautiful airliner chickens roasted and basted with bacon fat.
Sweet potato chips fried in coconut oil and diced apples finished in duck fat.

The food was killer as always.
Feeling as though we were living closer to the surface of the sun last weekend, we opened several nice whites served on the cold side. These were bottles secured locally, all for$10- $15.
The 2007 Finca El Origen Torrontes Reserve (Argentina) was perhaps the star. Floral on the palate, some citrus notes, and also a nice flinty-mineral finish. Not cloying at all and a nice wine for drinking on its own.
The 2007 Domaine Saint Amant Viognier was recommned to me by the folks at Cooks Warehouse, Decatur. It is a lively Viognier, peach and apricot notes, but I felt it was a little light on the palate. It left me wanting more.
Not sure I’d run out for more at $15.

The 2007 Laurenz Und Sophie Singing Gruner Veltliner (Austria) was also quite tasty. Pale yellow in the glass, nearly clear, yet it packs an earhty-lemon infused punch. Silky and rich minerality on the finish. Refreshing. Tasty with the chicken dish. I’d happily buy this for $13. I think this one came from Murphy’s in the Highlands.

Until next time.
SUNDAY, JUNE 21, 2009

Weekend Eats-Crab, Pizza, and more
Sunday we worked through some snow crab legs with drawn butter and a Cali Chard.
An outrageously good match.

The 2007 Windy Oaks Chardonnay has nothing I don’t like about Cali Chard (say what?). It’s not oaky and all buttered up. It features a clean, crisp palate marked by some hints of butter, but more lemon and minerality. A nice wine that can age a few years. From the Windy Oaks list fort $30. http://www.windyoaksestate.com/
Later, some homemade pizza.

Made a sauce from San Marzano’s, some onions and garlic sauteed in bacon fat and a touch of balsamic and evoo at the end. I cheated, the dough came from whole paycheck (shhh).

My indentured servant rolling out the dough:

Bacon for the kids:

Zucchini and basil from the garden:

One note: Jacking your oven up to its max temperature of 550 is questionable at best when it’s 117 degrees outside like it was yesterday….to say I was sweating, is a bit of an understatement. Worth it though, as the pizza was tasty.

Drank my last bottle of the 1999 Qupe Syrah Bien Nacdio with the pizza. A tasty aged Syrah, but I’ve had better bottles in the past year. Perhaps it was the weather.
MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2009

More French Laundry Cookbook Craziness
Been working my way through the voluminous tome that is The French Laundry cookbook.
This time, it was chef Keller’s riffing on Mac and Cheese, which, for the record, is nothing like this crap.

Keller’s mac and cheese features orzo in a creamy lobster broth with chives and mascarpone cheese dropped in. Top that with some lobster and a parmesan crisp…all is good.

The process:
Lobster stock rendered from lobster bodies, tomatoes, carrots, tarragon, h2o, and canola oil:

After the stock simmered for a couple hours, I strained it (twice…Keller is anal!). Once the stock was clean and pure I whipped in some heavy cream. This creamy lobster broth was like a little bit of heaven on a spoon:

The creamy broth reduced again. Then one cup was added to cooked orzo.
Into the orzo went a small handful of chives and 1/4 c of mascarpone cheese.
Holy cheesy-creamy goodness.
Topped with parmesan crisps that my daughter made.
Not the greatest pic–one should not drink a whole bottle of wine whilst cooking:

Drank a 2006 Bjornstad Chardonnay with the lobster. The Chard was perfect with the dish.
Lobster and phat Cali Chardonnay = Happiness.
Unfortunately, the Bjornstad will run you about $50 www.bjornstadcellars.com